/ May 27, 2019

Land use planning entails systematic assessment of physical, social and economic factors in such a way as to encourage and assist land users in selecting options that increase their productivity, are sustainable and meet the needs of society-FAO

This captures the essence of allocating different socioeconomic activities such as agriculture, housing, industry, recreation, and commerce in different areas within an area. This includes protecting well-defined areas from development due to environmental, cultural, historical and establishing provisions that control the nature of development activities.

Recently, the department of lands, housing and urban planning visited Lomut ward in order to sensitize and come up with a land use plan. The technical staff showed the residents through a demonstration on the process of developing the land use plan and advantages of having one.

Led by Francis Kitelauyang(CEC Lands), Jacob Tuongole (MCA Lomut Ward), COs Elijah Lopuke and Timothy Lomulen and Richard Rimoo( Lomut Ward Administrator),  the team assured the residents in attendance of the county government’s support in resolving land development issues in order to build the county’s economy and in return empower its people.

Chief William kapetong’ar of Lomut ward spoke on behalf of the resident and appreciated the efforts made  by the county through the lands department in making sure its people are well catered for interms  of development and matters land.

Also in attendance was  Erick Ndeda of National Lands Commission who explained clearly to the residents the importance of having a land use plan and the roles and responsibilities of the  National Lands Commission.

The county government is working hand in hand with its people to develop an inclusive and successful land use plan for every area in the county to realise its full potential economically.

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